This model has been in production for some years and is my most popular fish.

The MR Flying Fish is a performance fish which is designed to surf from rail to rail while also incorporating the fish qualities of great planing speed and drive in small waves.

It features:

  • A full pointed nose with a low entry rocker for paddle power and planing speed.
  • A single to double concave bottom, with an accentuated V-like spine in the double concave , which gives it incredible acceleration and easy rail to rail transition.
  • A wing to reduce tail area, which assists rail to rail transition, and allows for quick direction changes.
  • A swallow tail for bite and holding power through turns.

This model is designed to excel in 1’ to 6’ surf as a fun alternative to your usual board. The Flying fish puts the enjoyment back into small wave surfing.

Standard fin set –up is 5 sets of FCS2 plugs for a Quad / Thruster option.

May be custom ordered with Super Twin set-up of 2 FCS twin fins plus FCS rear stabilizer fin.

Size range from 5’8” to 7’6”.

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5'8"19 3/4"2 3/8"28.9
5'10"20"2 1/2"31.8
6'0"20 1/4"2 1/2"32.8
6'2"20 1/2"2 5/8"35.5
6'4"20 3/4"2 5/8"37.8
6'6"21"2 3/4"40.9
6'8"21 1/4"2 3/4"42.6
6'10"21 1/2"2 3/4"44.2
7'0"21 3/4"2 7/8"47.5
7'2"22"2 7/8"49.5
7'4"22 1/4"2 7/8"51
7'6"22 1/4"3"54.4

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