This model is my high-performance state-of-the-art thruster, which continues to evolve and change with innovations in surfboard design.

If you only want one board for performance surfing in quality waves this is it.

With the popularity of Fish designs, and alternate Hybrid equipment over the past few years, the main changes to this model have been an increase in volume, extra width, and a slight increase in standard thicknesses. Most noticeable is an increase in the area of the board forward of the centre, resulting in an increased nose width, giving the board better planing speed and more paddle power.

This state-of-the-art thruster features:

  • An increased nose width and relaxed nose entry rocker for planing speed
  • A single-to-double concave bottom with an accelerated tail rocker for speed and quick rail to rail direction changes.
  • A bump wing with the bump positioned slightly forward of the back foot which shortens the rail line and allows for a tight turning radius for the radical moves of modern high-performance surfing.
  • It is available in 3 tail options. A rounded square which allows for ease of pivoting through tight turns, a Round Tail and a Swallow Tail.

It comes exclusively with FCS Tri Fins and size range is 5’ 8” to 6’8”.

5'8"19"2 3/8"27.9
5'10"19 1/4"2 3/8"29.2
6'0"19 1/2"2 1/2"31.7
6'2"19 3/4"2 1/2"33.3
6'4"20"2 5/8"36.1
6'6"20 1/4"2 3/4"39.2
6'8"20 1/2"2 3/4"41.1

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