Men of Wood & Foam DVD

Men of Wood & Foam DVD. Phil Jarratt’s story of the pioneers of the Australian Surfboard industry. I watched this movie again last night & it’s absolutely epic. It’s the history of the Brookvale 6, Gordon Woods, Barry Bennett, Danny Keyo, Bill Wallace, Greg McDonagh & Scott Dillon who began building surfboards in the 1950’s in Sydney. Initially from Timber, then Balsa & then Foam. It bought back lots of memories for me seeing both Gordon & Barry’s factory’s in the early days. I used to wander around in them with my Dad when I was a kid on trips to Sydney to buy boards for our surf shop in Newcastle. Even if you don’t surf I think you would enjoy it, the archival footage of how beach life was then is classic, so different to today. @philjarratt @bennettsurfboardsaus @keyointl @slimesboardstore @surfboardempire @mrtoddblinky @markplater @markwarrensurfs @peter_grover @markmonostewart2481 @lowenshaper @1_da_shapes @rhemagraphics @dahlbergsurfboards @surfinglife @stab @coastalwatch @timryan1959 @boskophoto @foam_riders @luke_gleeson @lukeegan @hoy666 @surfingworld @tracksmag #gordonwoodssurfboards #scottdillonsurfboards #billwallacesurfboards

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