With master shaper Dick Brewer, 43 years ago

With master shaper Dick Brewer, 43 years ago. The photo was taken during the 1977 -78 Hawaiian winter. Dick had a beachfront house at Chuns Reef with his shaping room in one of the garages. I was living just down the road at Jock Sutherland’s mums house & I stayed on after the Hawaiian contest season to work & learn from him. At that point in my shaping career the ideas in my head were ahead of my abilities to translate my design ideas into a finished hand shape. I had visions of what I wanted to shape & I could confidently use all the tools but I could not transfer the vision into foam. I worked with him every day for two weeks starting in the arvo’s for a couple of hours watching Dick shape as he talked me thru his methods & processes. He would then give me a few blanks to try to recreate what he had done checking on my progress every hour or so. By the end of the 2 weeks the hands & tool skills had caught up. He made me about 15 timber plan shape templates to take home which I still have today. Thinking & looking back on the experience to this day I am still Brewer influenced in my shaping process … Including Planer choice & its base length, Stand heights, Sanding Block sizes, sandpaper & screen grades & the actual start to finish process working through & finishing the shape. I saw this photo recently on the internet in poor quality. I think Dan Merkel @merkelmedia took it originally. @dick_brewer @bernie_baker1 @rawsonsurfboard @tomparrishhawaiiandesigns @mayhemsurfboards_mattbiolos @fiberglasshawaii @robin_prodanovich @surfview @luisrealcollection @surfboardempire @katin_surfshop @timponehawaii @timryan1959 @foam_riders @lh_singlefin #dickbrewersurfboards #dickbrewer

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