My Skil 100 Planer which is about 43 years old

My Skil 100 Planer which is about 43 years old. The second photo is a close up of the cutting blade depth adjustment lever. In a new Skil Planer this lever is tight to move but you can loosen the screw that holds it to make it loose. When shaping you can vary the depth of cut by sliding this lever in the palm of your hand. A cut can be started on full depth & blended out to zero. You can see two dark patches where the silver finish has worn through where my hand rests & moves on it. The dust shoot is reversible & I cut the bracing section at the bottom off the chute off to enlarge the dust exit hole. Skil planers come with a really long base that protrudes way beyond the handle. When I bought it in Hawaii in 1977 the first thing I did was chop the last part of the base off with a hack Saw. The short base fits a surfboards curves better than a long one. Skil 100 planers have been out of production for years, They are Aluminium & were built to last. It’s nearly impossible to find or buy a good used one. @skil100 @fiberglasshawaii @rawsonsurfboard @dick_brewer @robin_prodanovich @rustysurfboards @gerrylopezsurfboards @tomparrishhawaiiandesigns @mayhemsurfboards_mattbiolos @lowenshaper @1_da_shapes @foam_riders @dahlbergsurfboards @kazumasurfboardshawaii @timponehawaii @pyzelsurfboards @arakawasurfboards @tokorosurfboards #markrichardssurfboards #markrichardsshaping #markrichardsshapes #skill100 #skill100planer

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