A Puffer Twin model for Tim Ryan

A Puffer Twin model for Tim Ryan. @timryan1959 Dimensions are 5’4″, 20″ wide & 23/8″ thick. 28.4 litres. I shaped it in the Lost Australia – Surfboard Empire factory in Tweed Heads. @surfboardempire It was glassed by Vono at Tony Cohen’s TC Glasshouse @tonyc7 The Puffer Twin combines modern & Retro design features. The stock Tail Is a defined Round Single Wing with a Swallow Tail. The bottom is Single to Double to Concave with modern rails. The Rocker & thickness distribution are Retro with a lot of forward volume & a baby Beak nose. Stock Fin set up is 3 sets of FCS 2 Plugs in Twin Fin positioning with a third plug for the option.of adding a small Stabilizer Fin. @fcs_surf @riklove72 @mikedurante @slimesboardstore @timdickson @pop_diddy @barrell_head #markrichardssurfboards #markrichardsshaping #markrichardsshapes #mrtwinfin #twinfinsrule #twinfinfever #twinfinfevercatchit #twinfinsforever #mrpuffertwinfinmodel #mrpuffertwinfin

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