With my Aipa Stinger Single fin in 1976 during the Coca Cola -2SM Surfabout event

With my Aipa Stinger Single fin in 1976 during the Coca Cola -2SM Surfabout event at North Narrabeen. Check the tail repair i did in the second photo behind the Fin box. ( white line rail to rail ). The whole tail had been torn off in a wipeout by the leg rope. This was before Rail Savers were invented so sometimes the tubing & cord would tear right through the Swallow or rail to the plug. The Black leg rope was one of the early generation “leggies” consisting of a length of Surgical tubing containing a longer length of Nylon string inside it. They would only stretch to the length of the Nylon then either of 3 things would happen. 1, It would feel like it was trying to rip your leg off.. 2, The tail of the board would come flying back at you dangerously fast. 3, The leg rope would Fin chop into the tail right to the plug sometimes ripping the plug out. The surf was big when the tail completely tore off & luckily I found it washed up on the beach a long way from the initial wipe out. It was shaped by Ben Aipa in Hawaii 44 years ago in 1976. Dimensions are 6’8″ long. 201/4″ wide & somewhere between 23/4″ & 3″ thick. The air brushed Flames on the bottom were sprayed by Al Dove. Al’s Flame sprays were the first ones I had ever seen. The shorts were Quiksilver’s with scallop legs @quiksilver I don’t know who took the photo, Peter Townend saw it on Facebook & emailed it to me. @quiksilver_originals @mikypicon @anothery @sammygosling @samueltgriffiths @fuzzy66 @benny_big @mikereilly1 @limowall @empireave @dannyteheuheutukino @yeahbranchy @aipasurf @akila_aipa @dukeaipa @bellst204 @euroglass @boardriders.anglet @boardriderscapbreton @boardriderstorquay @boardridersericeira @boardriderscoolangatta @boardridersmalibu @northnarrabeenboardriders @ocean_earth79 #benaipasurfboards #benaipa #quiksilver #quiksilveroriginal #quikrecycledforradness

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