Vision of @timdicksons epic wave in Newcastle yesterday

Vision of @timdicksons epic wave in Newcastle yesterday -

Vision of @timdicksons epic wave in Newcastle yesterday. Everyone was losing in on the barrel part of the ride. But for me the most impressive part was the take off. Very late & he momentarily starts to lose it as the gale force offshore wind gets under the board & starts to lift it. He negotiates this & then instinctively sets the rail & knifes into the barrel. It was his second surf on his new custom 6”6″ MR. Bushranger Round. Pin Step Up model. 191/4″ wide & 25/8″ thick. Tim manages @slimesboardstore in Newcastle & the brief with the custom order was that he wanted a 6’6″ mini gun that would paddle like a 7’0″ to ride on the occasional epic big days we get in Newcastle. When the surf is this size it’s nearly impossible to paddle out. It involves a sketchy rock jump followed by 5-10 minutes of strong paddling & duck diving getting smashed & dragged by the current hoping that you reach a certain section of the beach just as you get a lull. Tim had had done 3 circuits of the paddle & got hammered every time. He eventually got out when @sanbah_surf owner @rhys_smithers appeared with his Ski & gave him a ride out. I shaped it from a @burfordblanks computer cut on @fitzycooly APS Shape 3D machine. It was sprayed by @dlovepaint & glassed by @sun_glass_glassing Vision by @jacksonlana Barrel Spit Photo @rcbart @kakek_slime @pop_diddy @surfboardempire @mysurftv @surfview @mrtoddblinky @darrenburford66 @fcs_surf @riklove72 @markrichardssurfboardsapparel @timryan1959 #markrichardssurfboards #markrichardscolordesigns #markrichardssprays #mrbushranger #mrbushrangermodel #mrbushrangerroundpingum #mrbushrangerroundpingunmodel #mrbushrangerroundpinmodel #mrbushrangerroundpin #mrbushrangerroundpinstepup #mrbushrangerroundpinstepupmodel

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