Mick Adam’s 7’2″ Bushranger Swallow Tail gun

Mick Adam’s 7’2″ Bushranger Swallow Tail gun. It’s 193/4″ wide & 23/4″ thick, 42,9 Litres which are stock dimensions for a 7’2″. These models are available as stock or to custom order from @slimesboardstore in King St, Newcastle & both of the @surfboardempire stores on the Goldy, Coolangatta & Nobbys Beach. This model comes with two tail options, a small Swallow Tail & there is a Round Pin version. The rocker is modern & the bottom is Single to Double Concave. There is a little extra nose area & foward thickness distribution for extra paddle power. The back third of the board is foiled out to give it plenty of feel & holding power. Stock Fin set up is Thruster but it can be custom ordered with 5 sets of plugs for a Tri / Quad option. @pop_diddy @timdickson @kakek_slime @sashstocker @bellsbeach_surfshop @burfordblanks @mrtoddblinky #markrichardssurfboards #markrichardsshaping #markrichardsshapes #mrbushranger #mrbushrangermodel #mrbushrangerswallowtail #mrbushrangerswallowtailmodel #mrbushrangerswallowtailgun #mrbushrangerswallowtailgunmodel #mrbushrangerswallowtailstepupmodel #mrbushrangerswallowtailstepup

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