How is this wave ?

How is this wave ? -

How is this wave ? …. it looks a little like a cold version of an Hawaiian wave on the North Shore. It’s Newcastle from last Saturdays amazing swell. @timdickson is bailing out caught by this wave while attempting to paddle out. Tim did 3 circuits of the beach trying to get out & he probably was caught by & or duck dived about 60 + wave’s during the 3 long paddles. Easily 20 + wave’s on each circuit. For perspective his board is a 6’6″ long. It’s a MR Bushranger Rond Pin Step up Model. It was glassed to last in 6oz which in hindsight was a good call. The second photo is of Tim on the day, he pulled up into this wave and got a crazy barrel, Photo @samglohe Tim manages @slimesboardstore in King Street, Newcastle & this model is in stock & can also be custom ordered. •First Photo by Greg Meyer @coastalphotography_aust @pop_diddy @kakek_slime @surfview @surfboardempire @markrichardssurfboardsapparel @hannnahf_j @timryan1959 @sun_glass_glassing #markrichardssurfboards #markrichardsshapes #markrichardsshaping #markrichardscolordesigns #markrichardssprays #mrbushranger #mrbushrangermodel #mrbushrangerroundpingum #mrbushrangerroundpingunmodel #mrbushrangerroundpinmodel #mrbushrangerroundpin #mrbushrangerroundpinstepup #mrbushrangerroundpinstepupmodel

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