This photo was taken in 1976 at “Off The Wall” in Hawaii

This photo was taken in 1976 at “Off The Wall” in Hawaii. The Quiksilver shorts were my very first pair & were custom made. Quiksilver founders Alan Green & John Law let me pick the colors for them from the bolts of fabric in the back of the original small @quiksilver showroom / factory in Torquay. ( Not sure what I was thinking with my color choice, maybe not thinking !!! ). I offered to pay for the shorts but they did not charge me. I was so stoked, a free pair of shorts meant I was sponsored by Quiksilver. I do remember how comfortable they were to surf in with the scallop leg compared to what I’d worn previously. I don’t still have them, wish I did, even though I wouldn’t be able to fit my enlarged behind into them now !!. •The Lightning Bolt single fin was one of two shaped for me by Reno Abellira. I’m carrying the 7’8″, the other was 8’0″ long. They were both exactly the same Color, Magenta bottoms & Yellow decks. •I’m riding the 7’8 & wearing the shorts in the second & third photos. I’m guessing Dan Merkel took the photo ? @merkelmedia @mikypicon @cidoubleyou @mikereilly1 @samueltgriffiths @sammygosling @anothery @limowall @quiksilver @wadelamond @rcastro02 @benny_big @yeahbranchy @fuzzy66. @dannyteheuheutukino @renoabellira @rudyland @stephenisbelly @euroglass @boardriderscapbreton @boardriderscoolangatta @boardriderstorquay @boardridersericeira @boardridersmalibu #markrichardscolordesigns #markrichardssprays #markrichardssurfboards #mrsinglefin #mrretrosinglefin #mr1976retrobustindownthedoor #mr1976retrobustindownthedoormodel #mrbustindownthedoormodel #bustindownthedoor #mr1976retrosinglefin #mr1976retrosinglefinmodel

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