The 1980 Rip Curl Bells Beach Easter Classic trophy

The 1980 Rip Curl Bells Beach Easter Classic trophy. Without question the best & one of the most coveted trophy’s in pro surfing. I’d always wanted to win this event so bad just to get a Bell & was so stoked when I finally did in 1978. I remember flying home from Melbourne nursing the trophy all the way so it didn’t get damaged. Bells is totally misunderstood a lot of the time by some of the competitors & internet viewers. It’s a good wave but very very difficult to surf well. It has a million moods depending on swell size, swell direction & especially the tides. You can watch previous heats & have a heat strategy plan which usually goes to shit as the surf can change drastically by the time you get out there. It’s so easy to get out of rhythm & lost at sea. Over the years during the contest some of the best surfers in the world have not surfed well there. They could not get their head around the challenge of how to surf it successfully. I love to watch Bells now & from what I understand there is some pressure to remove the event from the tour but I hope they never do… @wsl @ripcurl_aus @quiksilver @starksurfforlife @australianationalsurfingmuseum @strappersurf @mcsurfboards @seano888 @stephenisbelly @anothery @surfingvictoria @limowall @daveprodan @stridersworld @joeturpel @iancairns @gashsurfboards @ronnieblakey_ @neilridgway @surfview @ripcurl_europe @surfinglife @vaughandeadly @ripcurl_newcastle @hoy666 @ripcurl_usa @mfanno @lukeegan @joelparko @tracksmag @surfingworld @ripcurl_newcastle @bellsbeach_surfshop #ripcurlbellsbeachpro #bellsbeach

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