A 3 shot sequence @boskophoto took of me surfing in Newcastle recently

A 3 shot sequence @boskophoto took of me surfing in Newcastle recently. I’m riding a Bushranger 3 Rounded Square model, stock dimensions, 6’0″ long, 20″ wide, 21/2″ thick, 32.4 Litres. ( I weigh 85 kg.) Thruster Fin set up with three sets of FCS 2 Plugs. I have the FCS 2 Reactor fins in it. You can do your head in with the variety of fins available. I like this Thruster Fin set as it’s very close to @kellyslater original FCS KS 2.1 set. My theory is if it was good enough for Kelly then it’s good enough for me. Contemporary rocker & rails with a Single to Double Concave bottom. I Shaped it in Nick Maz’s room at the Surfboard Empire / Lost Australia shaping rooms on the Goldy last year. Burford Blank computer cut on Fitzy’s APS Shape 3D machine. Glassed all In 4oz with a fine sanded finish at Tony Cohen’s TC Glasshouse also on the Goldy. @quiksilver @mikypicon @anothery @limowall @sammygosling @samueltgriffiths @yeahbranchy @cidoubleyou @mikereilly1 @nickmaz3 @tonyc7 @fcs_surf @riklove72 @mikedurante @burfordblanks @darrenburford66 @surfboardempire @lostaustralia @fitzycooly @mayhemsurfboards_mattbiolos @benny_big #markrichardssurfboards #mrbushranger #mrbushrangermodel #mrbushranger3 #mrbushranger3model #mrbushrangerroundedsquare #mrbushrangerroundedsquaremodel

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