Some vision of me shaping using a Skill 100 Planer

Some vision of me shaping using a Skill 100 Planer. After cutting the Concave into the bottom I’m blending it out towards the rail in front third of the board. On a Skill 100 Planer the cutting blade depth lever is on the front shoe of the planer & I’m adjusting the depth of cut by slightly moving my hand on it to blend out the deeper center cuts. I use the back cutting motion a lot when blending which is one of the many great characteristics of this Planer. The model I’m shaping is a “Super Twin” & the blank is a Burford. The song playing in my room is Neil Young’s “walk with me” from Pearl Jam performing with Neil at the Bridge School Benefit concerts. @quiksilver @mikypicon @cidoubleyou @mikereilly1 @pearljam @samueltgriffiths @darrenburford66 @kazumasurfboardshawaii @timponehawaii @surfboardempire @skil100 #markrichardssurfboards #markrichardsshapes #markrichardsshaping #mrtwinfin #twinfinsrule #twinfinfever #twinfinfevercatchit #twinfinsforever #mrsupertwin #mrsupertwinmodel #skil100 #skil100planer

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