Some vision of me shaping from yesterday

Some vision of me shaping from yesterday. Im blending the bottom edge of the rails with a Skil 100 Planer using shallow cuts. The board is a hand shaped Puffer Twin which is a new model. When I’m shaping with a planer I use the back cutting motion of the blades nearly as much as the forward cutting motion. To roll the rails on a hand shape consists of one main 45 degree cut from nose to tail, then two more cuts to take the corners off the initial cut. This gives you 4 rail band edges which are usually taken off with a sureform. Or you can blend the edges to round the rail with a planer instead which I am doing here. At the start of the video I’m reversing the planers dust chute so the cut foam goes down instead of up. @slimesboardstore @surfboardempire @burfordblanks @pearljam @skil100 #markrichardssurfboards #markrichardsshaping #markrichardsshapes #mrpuffertwinfin #mrpuffertwinfinmodel #skil100

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