Tracks magazine cover from May 1980

Tracks magazine cover from May 1980. From memory this was taken above the corner where you turn left to head out to Bells after driving through Torquay. The board in the blue cover was my 6’2″ Twin Fin which was my main contest board. During those years when I was competing I travelled with a quiver of 2 boards. The back up board was a 6’4″ Twin Fin in case of larger surf. Two boards were all I traveled with until I got to Hawaii for the final events of the year where I usually added 3 Single Fins to the Quiver. Even when it was cold I always wore thongs so I’m surprised I could walk in those jeans without tripping over the flares !! . I don’t remember who took the photo ? @tracksmag @quiksilver @ripcurl_aus #markrichardssurfboards #mrtwinfin #mrretrotwinfin #twinfinsforever #twinfinsrule #twinfinfever #twinfinfevercatchit #mr1980retrotwinfin #mr1980retrotwinfinmodel #bellsbeach #bellsbeachpro #ripcurlprobellsbeach

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