I posted a couple of photos of this board yesterday

I posted a couple of photos of this board yesterday. I know I’m overdoing it by posting a few more but I could not resist. I’m guilty of being totally biased but it just looks so epic & I wanted to mention the craftsmanship of the PSM Glassing team. Mono did the purple spray. All over solid colors are usually easy to spray but he said this one was a real challenge to get the color even. @peter_grover did the gloss & polish & it has a perfect immaculate mirror finish which is super hard to achieve as dark coloured board shows up any blemish or imperfection. It was glassed by @micktheglasser Darren set up the fin & did the filler coats. Sanded by Bruno. It’s Zac Settimo’s custom 7’6″ long, 191/2″ wide & 27/8″ thick “Bustin Down The Door” Single Fin model. @zacsettimo @markmonostewart2481 @markrichardssurfboardsapparel @markplater @kakek_slime @pop_diddy @timdickson @slimesboardstore #mr1976retrobustindownthedoor #mr1976retrobustindownthedoormodel #mrbustindownthedoor #mrsinglefin #mrretrosinglefin #markrichardssurfboards #markrichardscolordesigns #markrichardssprays

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