Re Post from @quiksilver Some vision of me on the “Free Ride” Twin Fin (

Re Post from @quiksilver Some vision of me on the “Free Ride” Twin Fin ( 6’4″, 21″ wide, 27/8″ thick ) from 1978 at Bells & North Narrabeen. The voices on the vision are Tom Carroll, myself & Simon Anderson reminiscing about the 1982 Bells final where Tom & I surfed against each other. There was a tradition back then if the final was contested on the Rincon section at high tide friends & supporters would spread out along the rocks below the cliff to cheer for whoever they wanted to win. Lots of cases of beer were also taken down to make sure no one got thirsty. Led by Toms Newport Plus club mates just about everyone was cheering for Tom. There had to be 100 + people on the rocks all willing Tom to win. I think I had one or two on my side, maybe none ?? . This actually worked to my advantage making me more determined to win. As a competitor you are always trying to win but sometimes the extra motivation comes from an external source or certain circumstances. The surfing part is easy, controlling what goes on in your head is not easy. @thomasvictorcarroll @sammygosling @samueltgriffiths @yeahbranchy @cidoubleyou @mikereilly1 @simonanderson_surfboards @dannyteheuheutukino @anothery @mikypicon @stephenisbelly #markrichardssurfboards #mrtwinfin #mrretrotwinfin #mrfreeridemodel #mrfreeridetwinfinmodel #mrfreerideretrotwinfinmodel #mr1978retrotwinfin #mr1978retrotwinfinmodel #twinfinsrule #twinfinsforever #twinfinfever #twinfinsforever #quiksilver

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