Jesse Adam’s custom 1979 Retro Round Pin Single Fin

Jesse Adam’s custom 1979 Retro Round Pin Single Fin. This was part of his prize for winning the Merewether Surfboard Clubs Open point score championship last year. It’s 6’8″ long, 19″ wide & 25/8″ thick. Retro rocker & thickness distribution with a subtle flat panel Vee bottom & a hard tucked under Resin edge which runs from nose to tail. It’s a contradiction on a Retro board but it has been glassed lightly in 4 oz with performance in mind. We usually glass the Retro models to last in 6oz glass. The team at PSM Glassing, Mick, Darren, Bruno, Rob, Paul & Mono totally went off on this board. Sprayed by Mono in the board Clubs signature colors, Black & Blue. I drew up 6 different spray ideas for it & the clubs committee chose this one. Arriving from the glassers at Slimes Boardstore in Newcastle today. @timryan1959 @foam_riders @pop_diddy @barrell_head @merewethersurfboardclub @jmanradshred @markmonostewart2481 @aleutianjuice @timdickson @slimesboardstore #psmglassing #markrichardssurfboards #markrichardscolordesigns #mrsinglefin #mrretrosinglefin #mr1979retrosinglefin #mr1979retrosinglefinmodel

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