Sean Lancaster’s two custom Super Twin models

Sean Lancaster’s two custom Super Twin models. LHS 6’0″, RHS 5’10”, 191/4″ wide & 21/4″ thick. Sean lives in Newcastle & surfs really well, he likes his boards as lightly glassed as possible which unfortunately means they don’t last very long. He absolutely crushes the tail & rails in the back foot area, snaps boards, & blows out fin plugs regularly. Carbon rail patches have solved the tail crushing problem & the switch from FCS 1 to FCS 2 plugs nearly solved the blow out problem. With these 2 boards Mick at PSM has glassed Carbon patches over the plugs which we’re hoping will make it impossible for him to blow them out ? ?. The 6’0″ Super Twin is his “step up” for bigger surf, so again we’re hoping the nose to tail Carbon strip will lessen the chances of adding this one to his sandcastle of broken boards. @smurflanky #psmglassing #markrichardssurfboards #mrtwinfin #mrsupertwin #mrsupertwinmodel #twinfinsrule #twinfinfever #twinfinsforever #twinfinfevercatchit @fcs_surf @riklove72

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