A custom “Sting” model for Chris Athas

A custom “Sting” model for Chris Athas. It’s 6’8″ long. This one has a “Step” in the bottom which we usually don’t do on stock boards as it just creates a straight line weak point across the bottom making it more likely to break in half. Ben Aipa from Hawaii is the inventor of the Sting design & Ben made me some epic boards during the mid 1970’s. They all had Steps & I managed to break most of them. The design reason for the Step was to drop the rail rocker line from the Sting back to the Swallow tips increasing the tail lift without shaping extra curve / rocker into the back third of the board to get the same amount of tail lift. @chris_athas @dean_sho2 @surfectionbyron @aipasurf @dukeaipa #markrichardssurfboards #mrretrosinglefin #mrstingmodel #psmglassing #mrsting #markrichardsstingmodel #benaipa

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