This is my Skil 100 electric planer

This is my Skil 100 electric planer -

This is my Skil 100 electric planer.( you have no idea how much I love this tool !! ). I bought it in Hawaii in 1978 after spending time shaping with Dick Brewer using his Skil. I couldn’t believe how much better it was than the “Towa” I’d been using. It’s made of aluminium so it’s light & well balanced. The best & most unique feature is the small diagonal depth adjuster lever on the shoe which allows you to adjust your cut depth smoothly from nothing to full depth while it’s moving. Incredible for blending cuts, cutting in Concave’s, Vee bottoms & rolling the rails. They come stock with an 181/2″ long base where the “rear foot” extends behind the handle. I think I paid $300 ?? for it & the first thing I did was hack saw 51/2″ off the rear foot taking it back to under the handle. The shorter 13″ base making it even lighter & it fit’s a boards curves better, especially up in the nose area. The ragged bits of electrical tape on the power cord are my “dodgy” repairs where I’ve run over the cord !!! ( I’ve had a few close encounters with the cord plus an incident where my tee shirt got caught & sucked into the blades thankfully seizing up choked with shirt just as it hit skin !!! ( only lost a small chunk of skin on my hip !!). I have 3 other Skil’s but this is “the one”, I know it’s just a tool & they should all feel the same but I don’t think they do ?, for me it’s the “magic” planer. #markrichardssurfboards #markrichardsshapes #markrichardsshaping @rawsonsurfboard @kazumasurfboards @robin_prodanovich @luke_dorrington @mayhemb3_mattbiolos @aleutianjuice @stamps_surf @timponehawaii @chassurfboards @rustypreisendorfer @andrewkidman @tokorosurfboards @waynerichsurfboards @ericarakawadesigns @fiberglasshawaii @euroglass @todd_blatchford @rockdancesurf @phippssurf @dahlbergsurfboards #skil100planer #skil100 @slimes_surf_skate @surfinglife

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