Jeff Deffenbaugh with his new 5’8″ “Mega Twin”

Jeff Deffenbaugh with his new 5’8″ “Mega Twin”. A custom shape from me made in Australia was part of the first prize in an event sponsored by Quiksilver in California. “The 2015 Triple Crown Of Retro Surfing” which was a trifecta of 3 events, Sunset 60’s, Surfside 70’s & HB 80’s. Jeff won & we spent about 10 minutes in The Frog House Surf Shop working out the board order on a scrap of paper when I was in California a few months ago. Jeff kinda gave me free reign with shape, model & colors. The only spec was it had to be a Twin Fin. @benny_big @fuzzy66 @jeffdeffenbaugh1 @surfside_70’s @jaylars @mikereilly1 @cidoubleyou @quiksilver @quiksilver_originals #markrichardssurfboards #mrmegatwinmodel #mrtwinfin @froghouse @bmcknight @rcastroo2 @chrisdarrah @pierre_agnes @stephenisbelly @taywhis

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