Some recent shaping action

Some recent shaping action -

Some recent shaping action. The bottom is virtually finished. The rocker is cut in & the foam has been fine sanded. In this vision I’m using a Sureform to shape in some Bonzer Concave’s. Years ago in Hawaii Pat Rawson showed me how to do this process with a small Makita grinder which is a lot quicker than the Sureform. The Bonzer’s start shallow & increase in depth towards the tail. Nothing is measured in this process, it’s all by eye & feel. What looks right is usually more important than trying to hand shape to a bunch of numbers. @campbellbros @bonzer_front @campbellbros_hawaii @rawsonsurfboard #markrichardssurfboards #mrbonzer #mrbonzerbattailmodel #mrbattailmodel @pearljam @burfordblanks @mayhemb3_mattbiolos

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