Terry Fitzgerald & Mark Warren with Twin Fins

Terry Fitzgerald & Mark Warren with Twin Fins. I think this photo is from Surfing World magazine, early 1970’s ?. Terry would have shaped his board & Mark’s would have been shaped by Geoff McCoy. This was my first exposure to Twin Fins & I had one from Geoff the same as Mark’s which I think was 5’2″. I can remember how amazing it felt going from a McCoy double ender round tail single fin onto the twin fin, so loose & free. The bottom was dead flat with minimal tail rocker, slight roll up in the nose with a very accentuated flip nose ( similar to a snowboard tip ). The deck had a massive camel hump & the pod had a wedge like chamfer. It was nearly as thick about 4 – 5″ up from the tail as it was in the center of the board. The tail was a wide semi rounded square with very raked fins set right back close to the corners of the tail. My board was clear with green McCoy logos. It would be so cool to still have this board to be able to go for a surf on it occasionally. Re-Post from @lyttlestreet #mccoysurfboards @markwazza @joelfitz_boards #twinfin #retrotwinfin #terryfitzgerald @andrewkidman @aleutianjuice @surfingworld

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