5’8″, 201/2″ wide & 23/8″ thick

5’8″, 201/2″ wide & 23/8″ thick. (32 litres). I finished shaping this board on Tuesday afternoon. It’s got everything going on, double wings, Bat Tail & a “Bonzer” double concave bottom. I was in experiment mode, the tail was nearly going to be a swallow, then I thought about a diamond then I decided on the Bat Tail. The Bonzer was inspired by Malcolm & Duncan Campbell who are the designers & innovator’s of the Bonzer Bottom design. Fin set up will be standard Thruster using FCS 2 plugs. I had to round off & soften the edges of the Bonzer curve near the front fin lines to accomodate the plugs. I used a small hand plane to take the spine off the stringer so the rear FCS 2 plug will fit. This board was seriously fun to shape. @campbellbros_hawaii @campbellbros #mrbattail @burfordblanks #markrichardssurfboards @slimes_surf_skate @drippingwetsurfshop @fcs_surf @wickssurf @coolysurf @rawsonsurfboard @mayhemb3_mattbiolos

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