2 custom boards for Chris from FOAM


2 customs for Chris from FOAM. A 1976 Retro “Bumble Bee” 5’6″, 21″ wide & 21/2″ thick. Set MR Retro SOAR twin fins & FCS 1 plugs for a rear stabilizer. An “Alien” fish, 5’8″, 201/4″ wide & 21/2″ thick. Five sets of FCS 2 plugs for a tri – quad option. Chris does the art work for my surfboard model logos & also designs the prints on my tee shirt range. He also has his own range of “FOAM” tees featuring iconic Australian surf spots available in surf shops around Australia & through his website. Check them out at foamriders.com @timryan1959 @markplater @foam_riders @pop_diddy

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