Classic MR’s to Surfworld Torquay

Aipa King Kong Stinger

I have collected a lot of stuff over the years. ….boards, trophies, memorabilia…and one of the problems now is where to store it and what to do with it! It drives my wife insane…my reluctance to let go of stuff!!!

This collection of boards had been stored in a room over the shop for many years and on rare occasions someone such as a photographer would see them and say ‘You can’t have those hidden away..they are amazing’. Bosko photographed them a few years ago and was frothing! I didn’t want to just bring them home to gather dust in my garage.

I contacted Craig Baird at the Surfworld Museum at Torquay. I had visited there before and loved the place… and was stoked when Craig offered the boards a place!!!

When he agreed to take them, I actually got a bit apprehensive about it, and when I met Nick from Surf Freight to pass them over I almost changed my mind. There is an emotional connection with them, because they are so much a part of my history!

There are 3 Aipa Stingers all 6’8″ long. The 1st I got from Ben Aipa was the one with the flames on the bottom. It was way ahead of its time, and in the day, was a futuristic design.

The King Kong sprayed board was the board I rode in the 1st Stubbies event at Burleigh in 1977. The Water Wiggle was identical to King Kong, but didn’t go as well.. in the days of hand-shapes there was always slight differences between the performance of boards which were shaped to be identical.

The Aipa Star board, which has the art influenced by Ringo Starr’s solo album, was halfway between a stinger and a standard wing tail.

The Superman board was a Stinger Winger, which was shaped by Dick Brewer. This board went great… I rode it a lot at Off the Wall in Hawaii and at home in Merewether.

The art on all the board was done by Al Dove who was an Hawaiian airbrush artist. The Flames was the 1st board he sprayed for me, and then I threw him the challenge of some ‘comic characters’ with a full bottom mural. I can still remember now, how excited I was, each time I picked up the sprayed blank from him to take to the glasser.

These boards are a work of art. If you are ever in Torquay, make sure you visit Surfworld. As well as these boards there is some incredible surf history on display there.

Aipa Water Wiggle Stinger

Aipa Star board

Aipa Flame Sting

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