Mammoth Mountain snowboarding

Gnu & Lib Tech quiver

After the craziness of closing the shop I needed to escape. The kids and I took off to Mammoth Mountain in California for a snowboard trip. Check it out at

My eldest son Kyle got hooked on snowboarding after a school excursion, and has introduced it to the whole family… we love it!!!

I am a bit of a kook.. and try to keep off the black runs, while the boys look for the most challenging stuff. It feels a lot like bottom turning and cutbacks in surfing …I look at the hill like its a great big wave.

Mammoth is an awesome place to go… tons of varied terrain, minimal lift queues, great weather, and great snow. We all ride Lib Tech and Gnu snowboards with Banana rockers and Magna Traction edges… these boards are just awesome and they make a kook like me look like I am good!!!

Mike and Pete at Lib Tech are incredible innovators and designers. They have completely changed the face of snowboarding with rocker and edge design in their boards. I would love to collaborate with them on a board sometime. Check out their boards at

They are currently working on Lib Tech epoxy surfboards and have introduced them to the market. I am yet to ride one, but have seen them and they look amazing… really space-age!!!

Kyle used to ride a Lib TRS and got a brand new Gnu for this trip… he was raving about it.

Had a great time at Mammoth… the thing I really enjoy is the contrast with the ocean… the beauty of the mountains, the uncrowded runs… as opposed to sharing a wave peak with 30 other guys.

On a day when we felt like a rest we came across a place called Mono Lake just a half hour drive from Mammoth. this place is like the moon or something otherworldly!! It was one of the most beautiful places I have ever seen, and we went back for a second look on another day. The photos, taken on a small pocket camera, really dont do the place justice.

Mammoth slopes

Mono Lake near Mammoth CA

Visiting Mono Lake

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