Craig Anderson’s custom 1980 Retro Twin Fin

Craig Anderson’s custom 1980 Retro Twin Fin. It’s 5’6″ long, 191/2″ wide & 25/8″ thick. We normally glass the Retro Twins in 6oz as that was how they were done back in the 1980’s. Craig wanted to retain the original gloss & polish finish but also for the board to be reasonably light. So we deleted the 6oz glass & went with a 4oz bottom & a double 4oz deck. He also went all out with spray request with color on both sides. Fins are white “Soar” glass on’s. Sprayed by Mono & glassed by the team at PSM ( professional surfboard manufacturing). @craig__anderson @slimes_surf_skate @timdickson @pop_diddy @ryancallinan #psmglassing #twinfinfevercatchit #twinfinsforever #twinfinfever #twinfinsrule #markrichardssurfboards #mrtwinfin #mrretrotwinfin #mr1980retrotwinfin #mr1980retrotwinfinmodel #soarfinsaustralia #soarfins

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