“Off The Wall”, North Shore, Hawaii

“Off The Wall”, North Shore, Hawaii. I’m vague on the details of this shot from the early 1980’s. I know the board was a wing swallow twin fin & I’m guessing it was 6’4″ long. It’s one of the boards I did everything on myself, shape, colors & glassing. I can remember that I really liked the board but have no memory of where or when I sold it. Another one to add to the list of boards I wish I’d kept. ( It’s a long list !! ). I wonder if it still exists & if so who has it now ? The orange shorts are Quiksilver scallop legs, I wish I still had those too even though there is no way I would still be able to fit into them !!! @quiksilver @quiksilver_originals #markrichardssurfboards #mrtwinfin #twinfin #offthewall

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